Find important information about your appointment, registration and pre operative workup for surgery and IOL choices here

What to expect on the day of your Appointment

BRING YOUR EYEWEAR: Make sure you bring your eye wear for the orthoptist to be able to assess your current best vision. This will also allow the doctor to make accurate judgement about your vision.

PLAN AHEAD AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR TRAVEL: It can take 60-120 minutes at your first appointment, so spare enough time. Also there is a high likelihood that you will get dilating eye drops. They cause a visual blur which lasts a few hours and you will be unable to drive back home. Best to bring a friend or family member with you! Also carrying your sunglasses will be handy to wear after.

MAKE A LIST: Your doctors want to ensure you go home satisfied with your consult. To make most of your time with your doctor, write down your queries and bring the list with you.

WE LISTEN: Feel free to ask questions. We value your concerns and are happy to explain. Nonetheless, be considerate of others waiting for their appointment.

PAYMENTS: We are not a bulk-billing clinic and payment is required on the day of consultation.  Cash, Eftpos and credit cards are accepted. A Medicare rebate will apply in most cases which will automatically be transmitted to Medicare within 48 hours providing you have registered your nominated  bank details  direct with them. To be able to bill you correctly and also provide easy claim from medicare, we recommend you to bring your medicare card, as well as any eligible health care or concession/ pensioner card that you have.

Patient Registration Form 2023.pdf

Use this form to enrol yourself at the clinic

Fill these forms in and bring with you on the day of the surgery

VPH Online-Admission-Form-Process.pdf
VPH Admission-Medical-Registration-Form.pdf

Hospital Information

All surgeries are performed at Vermont Private Hospital with state of art facilities for cataract and eye lid surgeries. Surgery is done as a day procedure under topical or local anaesthesia and you are able to go home within a few hours. A friendly nurse will contact you few days prior to your surgery to confirm fasting requirements and what time to come in. Ask your doctor if you have more questions

Amsler grid.pdf

Monitor your central vision at home using Amsler Grid

Use for one eye at a time, by placing at a distance of 1m and focusing at the central black dot and assessing the pattern of black lines/ grids on the chart. Ask your doctor for full description on how the chart can help you monitor your macular disease